Tasty Green Bean Toss

“Canned string beans may be cheap and you are fulfilling your vegetable requirement when you serve them, but the kids just don’t take them,” says Frank Maher, Food Service Director at the Westfield Schools, where students can definitely see and taste the difference. The almonds add flavor, but if you are in a nut-free kitchen, omit them.

Excerpted from: Fresh From the Farm: Massachusetts Farm to School Cookbook. http://www.massfarmtoschool.org

green beans with almonds

Servings: 100 servings




Olive oil (100%, if possible) 2/3 cup
Garlic, minced 3 tablespoons
Almonds, sliced

(omit, if nut-free school)

1/2 pounds
Green beans, ends snipped 12 pounds
Salt 2 teaspoons


  1. Combine olive oil and garlic in a small skillet and heat very briefly, over medium-low heat, just until garlic starts to cook. Remove from heat. (Do not brown garlic.)

  2. Roast the almonds, just until they brown very slightly. (Take a look at the earliest time.)

    Convection oven: 300°F about 2-5 minutes

    Conventional oven: 325°F about 5-7 minutes

  3. Steam beans in a perforated pan with an insert, until tender but firm and still bright green, about 4-8 minutes, depending on intensity of steamer. Drain well.

  4. Toss the green beans with the garlic oil, nuts and salt in a hotel pan and serve.

Recipe Notes

CCP: Heat to 140°F or higher.
CCP: Hold for hot service at 140°F or higher.
Preparation Tips:
Garlic: For an alternative to fresh garlic, use whole peeled cloves or minced garlic. To use fresh garlic, pull cloves from garlic bulb. (If the bulb is too tight, wrap in towel and whack on counter to loosen.) To remove skins, crush cloves with the flat of a large knife, then peel. To mince, use a food processor or mince by hand. By hand, crush cloves with the flat of knife. Mince, keeping the point of the knife on the counter and rotating as you chop.
Green Beans are sometimes available with ends snipped off. If you snap the ends yourself, you only need to snap one end.
Crediting: 1/2 cup other vegetable

Nutrition Facts per Serving (0.25cup)

Calories: 41 kcal | Fat: 2.03 g | Saturated fat: 0.21 g | Sodium: 49 mg | Carbohydrates: 4.91 g | Fiber: 1.6 g | Protein: 1.4 g

This recipe has not been tested or standardized by Healthy School Recipes. The outcome, allergen information, and nutrient data may vary depending on the specific ingredients and equipment used in your location.


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